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Write a Research Paper

Step 1

By {[{step1DateTime}]} : How to Begin

Step 2
By {[{step2DateTime}]} : Write your working thesis or research question.

Step 3
By {[{step3DateTime}]} : Design Your Research Strategy.

  • Find your sources.
  • As you conduct research:
    • Ask yourself "How will I use this as evidence?"
    • Be aware that there is no such thing as the one perfect source.
  • Gather citation information on your sources for your bibliography page.
    • Consider using EndnoteWeb , Zotero or other tools to save citations and create your bibliography.
  • Not sure where to start? Not finding what you are looking for? Ask a Librarian for help.

Step 4
By {[{step4DateTime}]} : Critically read and evaluate sources.

Step 5
By {[{step5DateTime}]} : Develop overall structure. Draft sections of the paper. Organize your sources.

Step 7
By {[{step7DateTime}]} : Revise and rewrite--focus on content, development of ideas, connections between your points, and effective use of your sources.

Step 8
By {[{step8DateTime}]} : Proofread, polish and put your paper in final form.

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